Tuesday, 1 March 2016

In the holidays

The assembly was finally finished it so hard to believe that school was done.I sprinted straight to my mum and I gave her a big hug I was so amazed that I was officially a year 5.Then we started to search for my sister, we found her walking around the court. Then we walked to my mums car slanted on the side of the steaming road. We put our stuff in the back of the blazing hot car. On the way home me and my mum talked about me getting my new expensive iPad for school and other things about school. When I got home I ripped my school clothes off and got in my favourite clothes. They were a blue dotted shirt and my puma track pants. Later on I asked my mum if I could go to my best best friends house across the road. My mum said yes, I ran to the garage Then I got on my scooter and zoomed across the road, I pounded on the door
The door creepily opened. His little sister Summer was at the doorstep then I crept into his room and then I scared him (it didn't work). After I tried to scare him we got our scooters then we did hours of scooting in the blinding hot sun. Before the play date was over We asked if we could have a sleepover. Surprisingly our parents said yes, we got so hyped after our awesome parents said yes. Me and my friend packed his bag and we walked to my house. We went inside then we stared at the TV for hours, then my dad came stomping into the lounge and said we had to go to bed. So we got in our PJs and brushed our teeth. After all that we flopped into bed then we talked for a hour and soon we slowly shut our eyes then we went to sleep. The next day we did scooting in the blazing hot sun for a really long time until his dad interrupted and said time to end the play date/sleepover. We got all my friends stuff and we walked across the road then I dropped him off. I walked home went inside and slouched on the couch and watch TV. Week after week everything was going by so
fast. On the last day it was death-defying because at school there was a new room, new teacher, new iPad and new people. The holidays were pretty much over. Overall the first day of school was a blast and I got my new school, new iPad and made new friends.